Planned or Adventurous; Which Type of Traveler Are You?

Planned or Adventurous; Which Type of Traveler Are You?

Traveling is now increasingly in demand. In addition to increasing people’s purchasing power, this is also supported by rapid technological developments. The easy dissemination of information through increasingly affordable internet access has encouraged increased interest in tourism and the number of travelers in recent years.

Mastercard Future of Outbound Travel in Asia Pacific (2016 – 2021) stated that Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest growth of outbound travel in Asia after Myanmar and Vietnam. Outbound travel in question is a tourist trip carried out by Indonesian people abroad.

There are many reasons why we travel. One of them is to get to know ourselves and our travel partners better. No wonder we often hear the saying, “If we haven’t walked together, we don’t really know the person.” This is because when traveling, we will depend on each other with our travel partners. Not only will we get to know our travel partners better, but we will also get to know ourselves.

In general, there are two characters of people who travel. The Planned Type, who always prepares everything from scratch and just takes the tour according to what he has prepared, and the Adventurer Type who is ready for whatever he will experience during the trip. Starting from the beginning to the end of the journey, both have different ways. Which one are you?

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