Tripadvisor: five of the best burger places in Sheffield

Billionaire food corporation McDonalds has recently been added to the long list of eateries increasing its prices in 2022.

Energy prices are constantly increasing, groceries are getting more and more expensive and the cost of fuel is at an all time high.

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A situation leaving many cash-strapped, people often decide to save some money by heading to a fast food restaurant for quick and cheap food.

However, McDonalds has recently decided to increase the price of one of its beloved products; the cheeseburger.

Here is everything you need to know; such as how much a McDonalds cheeseburger will cost you now and five of the best Sheffield-alternative burger places.

How much is a McDonald’s cheeseburger now?

McDonald’s is hiking the price of its cheeseburger for the first time in 14 years (Photo: Adobe)

The price of a cheeseburger from the fast food chain used to be priced at an affordable 99p.

However, the corporation has raised the price by around 20-percent.

If you wish to purchase a cheeseburger from a Sheffield McDonalds restaurant now, you will need to pay £1.19 per burger.

What are five of the best burger places in Sheffield?

With the price of burgers increasing at the world’s biggest food corporations, this had The Star wondering what are some great local alternatives to grab a juicy burger in Sheffield.

We took a look at the highest rated burger eateries in the Yorkshire city on Tripadvisor, which came back with the following local food hubs that boast the tastiest meat feast.

Turnip & Thyme

Where: 740 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield – S11 8TB

Price range: £15 to £25

Ranked as the best burger in Sheffield on Tripadvisor is that of the Turnip & Thyme restaurant tucked away on Ecclesall Road.

The eatery – which is fronted by a brother and sister duo – is renowned not only for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, but also for the tasty burgers that they serve.

Burger options include a buttermilk chicken, garlic lamb and a curried veggie.

The Clubhouse

Where: 13 London Road, Sheffield – S2 4LA

This burger joint located in the heart of the city is a popular destination for Sheffielders to enjoy a meat patty whilst watching live sporting events and games.

Customers have complimented The Clubhouse for being ‘up there with the very best’ with ‘friendly staff’ serving ‘amazing food’.

Burger options include a classic cheeseburger, the Mexican Popper, The Italian Job, BBQ Pit and numerous others.

The Devonshire Arms Middle Handley

Where: Lightwood Lane Middle Handley, Sheffield – S21 5RN

The Stag Restaurant has a bright and homely dining area that is renowned for serving some of the best burgers in Sheffield.

Described as “amazing and tasty”, burger options at The Devonshire Arms located in Middle Handley are highly rated.

Options served at this eatery include a classic cheeseburger that is a favourite amongst customers and a more than competent alternative to the McDonalds variant.

Unit Sheffield

Where: 88 Headford Street, Sheffield – S3 7WB

Customers have renowned Unit Sheffield for serving the best burgers in town, whilst also offering some tasty shakes and dutch fries alongside if interested.

A hidden gem which can be found opposite Pinders, tucked away behind the sub station near The Moor.

Burger options at United Sheffield are plentiful and according to Tripadvisor reviews, ‘high quality’.

Butcher & Catch

Where: 199-203 Whitham Road Broomhill, Sheffield – S10 2SP

“Phenomenal”, “authentic”, “unbelievable” and “bang on the buck” are just a few words and phrases that customers have used to describe the food served at Butcher & Catch in Sheffield.

The eatery serve ultimate burgers using fresh ingredients, partnered with a buzzing atmosphere and friendly staff.

Burger options at Butcher & Catch include the famous chicken and crab and the Porterhouse steak.

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